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My journey with Dr. Jarrouge began in May 2021. When I came across his website I had been a type 2 diabetic struggling to control my glucose for over 15 years. I am 5 feet tall and I weighed 162 lbs, wore a size 14 and was on 6 medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression and diabetes. I had no energy and had to take naps everyday and was not living my best life.

Dr. Jarrouge is a positive force and truly wants what’s best for his clients. He is always encouraging and cheering me on and actually took the time to explain to me how my body works and processes glucose, which no other doctor or dietician had ever done. I started noticing results right away when I no longer felt tired and my glucose levels began to normalize.

It was only a couple of weeks before I was able to stop the majority of medications. Fast forward several months and I now weigh 124 lbs, off all medications, and wearing size 4 clothes which I haven’t done since I was 19 years old and no longer depend on medications. Now when I come home from work, instead of taking a nap, I head out the door for my daily walk of over 3 miles. I am certain that if it wasn’t for Dr. Jarrouge I would still be miserable and feeling hopeless. Today I am happier and healthier than I have been in many years and I have him to thank for that. My only wish is that I would have met him sooner!


Before and after pictures at the 12 week mark



Weight lost: 20 lbs

Waist lost: 9.5 inches

Conditions resolved: GERD, IBS, Migraines, and high blood pressure



Weight lost: 32 lbs

Waist lost: 7 inches

Conditions resolved: GERD, anxiety,
and arthritis pain.



Weight lost: 23 lbs

Waist lost: 8.7 inches

Conditions resolved: Headaches, high blood pressure and carpal tunnel syndrome



Weight lost: 54 lbs (100 lbs between pics)

Waist lost: 5 inches 

Conditions resolved: Type 2 diabetes and chronic pain



Weight lost: 28 lbs

Waist lost: 3 inches

Conditions resolved: GERD, severe anxiety, Eczema, and chronic fatigue.



Weight lost: 20 lbs

Waist lost: 4 inches

Conditions resolved: GERD, IBS, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.



Dr. Jarrouge,

Thank you for your guidance these past months. I haven't been this low on my scale since right before I got pregnant with my daughter 18 years ago! I'm still not used to my new size and the best part of all of this is that the weight loss doesn't feel temporary. Now that I know how to address small gains means I can have confidence in my body and choices that I never had over the decades orf dieting struggles.


I was part of a small group coaching group.  I mostly knew what to do but I felt I needed more accountability.  I learned so many little things I didn't know that helped me in my journey.  The no nonsense approach was good and direct but yet personable.  Dr. Jarrouge is very knowledgeable in what he does but he cannot do the work for you.  If you follow and learn the process you cannot help but get to a healthier place.  I used to think I could do that in a gym but nutrition is so much more important.  Pretty simple actually but you have to get through the initial stages and once you see progress it becomes self-motivating.  Well worth it.


I finally know how to keep getting healthier! I'm a nurse, but there is so much misinformation out there! Like the typical keto was working for everyone but me. I had almost resigned myself to just accept how I was and "it's part of getting old". Now I can keep going and be as healthy as possible!!!!

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