Small Group Coaching

Is group coaching right for you?

If you don't think you need the one-on-one, tailored approach, but would rather work in a group setting to get motivated and hold yourself accountable to long lasting changes, this option is for you. You get the opportunity to learn from others' experience and share your own. You can build bonds with others sharing your struggles and challenge yourself to make the necessary changes. Each group will be limited to 10 people to keep it more personal while saving you money compared to 1-on-1. The group meets virtually almost weekly for 12 weeks and will remain in touch throughout the program via group messaging. We will apply a framework similar to the Medical Weight Loss Program in a group setting. 


Initial session

Meet and greet. This session lasts up to 2 hours. Each person introduces her/himself to the rest and shares their story and why they're here. Dr. Jarrouge will moderate the session, set expectation and formulate a strategy for the group. Change starts on Day 1. An action plan will be set in place.

Follow up sessions

Each session will build on the previous one. We discuss what worked and what didn't. We share our struggles and set backs. We hold each other accountable. We support each other. We share food ideas and recipes. Later in the program, fasting challenges will be introduced. As a group we can have reading assignment to advance our learning about how the body works.​ All sessions are moderated by Dr. Jarrouge with guests appearance at times. In between session, we remain in touch through group chatting for questions on the go.

Simple Pricing

  • $600 for the 12-week program

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